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Low Aromatic

White sprays are a mixture of paraffinic and aromatic hydrocarbons with a distillation range of 200-142 ° C. These solvents are clear liquids, are water-colored and have a mild odor, are chemically stable and do not corrode.

402Kind of solvent
Astm  D86142-198 °C Distillation range
Astm  D1298775(min)Kg/m3 Density@ 15°C
Astm  D1301aCopper strip, 3hrs@100°c
Astm  D5638 °c Flash point,tag (min)
Astm  D15625 Color, saybolt (min)
Astm  D4952Neg. Doctor test
Astm  D12660.1 %wt Sulphur Total (max)
Astm  D3815mg/100mlGum existent (max)
Astm  D131920 (max) %vol Aromatic content


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