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Lead is a soft and heavy metal that has good corrosion resistance and is one of the oldest metals used by mankind. Extremely low in earth crust is less than copper and zinc, and the thirty-first element is abundant in the earth’s crust. . The lead 82 atomic number is gray, opaque and toxic metal, malleable and the most heavily stable element. One of the most important characteristics of lead, which originates from special applications, is its resistance to sulfuric acid. Therefore, in applications requiring a reaction in the presence of sulfuric acid, lead is used as a protective layer. It is less resistant to chloric acid and not resistant to nitric acid (oxidizing acid).


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Percentage % Item
4854 Pb
700~1200 ppm Ag
_ Au
0.017 Hg
2-5 Zn
0.1-0.6 Sb
6-12 Fe
0.05-0.09 Cu
0.1-0.3 As
3-12 S
0.2-0.6 Cd
4-8 Moisture
>80 mesh Size



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