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Iranian Raisin

Dried Grapes is so called Raisin. That contains Iron, Potassium, Calcium, and group B vitamins. Also a great source of vitamin D and Estrogen. On the other hand, contains Antioxidants that prevent cells from destructions.

The most type of Raisin is produced in Takestan located in Ghazvin.

Tizabi (Sultana): is categorized in two different types: the Beady and the Grain and the color varies from light yellow to tan that is dried by permissible alkaline solutions.
Sun dried: is a raped fruit from grain grapes and is dried by direct sunlight. The final product is brown.
Golden Raisin: is a grain grapes and the color varies from yellow amber to light brown and is dried by sulfur fumes.
Dark Raisin : is dried directly by sunlight without interface.
Green Raisin: is a beady grapes, long, drawn and green and is dried by sulfur



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