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this product is manufactured according to the latest modern and highly precise machinery and world-class technology, and has physical and mechanical properties in accordance with international standards and based on the standard Gm13 and Gm17.


-incompatible against liquids and gases
-flexibility and high resistance against tear, perforation and abrasion
-stability against ultraviolet rays of the sun
-high resistance to chemicals and biological agents
-resistance to temperature variations (from 40 ° c to 70 ° c)
-preventing the growth of plants and algae on the walls and resistance to rodent animals
-the ability to repair parts damaged by physical shocks
-lightweight and easy to carry and easy to install
-decrease weld lines to latitudes less than 4 meters

1-use in water tanks to prevent spillage and contamination of the reservoirs
2-use in wastewater tanks to prevent pollution of the environment and groundwater
3-isolation of underground concrete structures to protect against moisture and corrosive substances
4-use as an insulator in aquatic and artificial lake water conservation plots
5-construction of water channels without the need for concrete structures and …



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